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Chelsea Kent

Creative Full-stack Engineer w/ big dreams and lots of motivation.

recent projects

01 Dream Recall –

a dream journal that can help unlock your unconscious mind

On your own custom Dream Desktop you'll find the tools you need to record, revisit, and understand your dreams. Writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up dramatically increases your ability to remember details and it's what's in the details that really matter.


JS, React, Redux, Node, Mongoose, MongoDB


username: rickC137
pw: wubbalubbadubdub


02 Noteful –

Learn to read music with the power of spaced repetition

Noteful will present you with a single note to learn at a time. We'll keep track of how many you get right and wrong and show you the notes again based on a spaced repetition algorithm. This repetition helps you learn in no time.


JS, React, Redux, Node, Mongoose, MongoDB


username: jane
pw: janelearnsmusic


03 Knowted –

Organize & simplify learning by grouping resources by topic

Learning from online resources can sometimes feel chaotic. There are so many sites and video tutorials to keep track of and often no real order for what you should focus on next. Not to mention no easy way to keep related notes for what you've learned!


JS, React, Redux, Node, PostgreSQL

Past Life


Founder of bootstrapped e-commerce subscription nail wrap company that collaborated with artists/social media influencers monthly to release a DIY monthly mani box & kit.

Built initial site w/ HTML, CSS, Ruby On Rails, Stripe

Sold company in 2016


Co-founder of a non-profit text message based opinion polling service that connected constituents with their representatives.

Built w/ HTML, CSS, Ruby On Rails, Twilio API

Launchpad LA

Was invited to join Launchpad, a prominent LA based startup accelerator, as an Entrepreneur In Residence. While there I joined several early stage startups and helped them launch their MVPs stepping in whatever role was needed to get us there. (UI/UX, Product, Front-end dev)


Joined as an early hire focused on Product and UI/UX design. Helped translate founders vision into launched MVP app.


Within tech

I've recently come full circle back to my passion and roots in programming. I am currently looking to work as a Full-Stack Engineer (HTML, CSS, vanilla JS, React, Redux, Node.js, Mongodb, Mongoose, PostgreSQL, Knex ... etc) on projects and with teams that have heart who are remote first/friendly.

I started my career with three years in Front-end development before moving towards working as a UX/UI designer for the last six years. Within the last six years I have also taken on the role as Product Manager for various early stage startups. I have worked for both established creative studios and startups, the latter being where I have focused my career.

Although I have founded and sold my own startup, have experience as a Senior UX/UI Designer, and have most recently been in management roles, I am beyond excited to get back into code again. As a part of that process I studied at Thinkful in their Engineering Immersion 5 month course as a way of diving into the deep end and accelerating my full-stack skillset.

Outside Of Tech

Although you'll usually find me creating on my computer, I'm also very dedicated to creating with my hands and building physical projects. I'm currently working on a shipping container guest house on my property in Joshua Tree (@TheDomeHome).

I also dedicate a lot of heart to writing and playing music. I currently play the guitar, uke, and enjoy singing. I'm also in the early and exciting stages of picking up the bass guitar.